Private nameserver for each domain with different Class C ip, possible?

Yes, at WHM, you will find a package already created by us which route dedicated ip from your ip pool at each account created by you.
After all accounts created you will be able to see the assigned ips for each domain at List Accounts option at WHM, note which domain is using which ip
Next step is editing your DNS zone as explained at tutorials. click here
Both and should point the same dedicated ip of your domain or follow steps below
Click edit dns zone on left navigation bar at WHM and enter related domain zone.
Find the section "Add New Entries Below this Line"
Input ns1 1st box then right to that line Select A from drop down menu then new textbox will appear input the IP you have already noted.
Input ns2 to the 2nd box do the same for the rest as above ( you will use same ip)
Last step is updating name server records at your domain registrar end.
You can find tutorials at for how to register private yourname server at related registrar.
Your details will be similar format as below; >> IP >> IP
Keep in mind sometimes propagation may take up to 72hrs
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